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2024-03-24 I have fixed a really bad bug in the floating point routines of the My4TH light ROM. If you have built a My4TH light and want to use the floating point words, you need to update to the latest ROM v1.1.
2023-12-08 Two new versions of the My4TH computer are now available: My4TH XS is a very simple Forth computer with only 14 ICs. My4TH light has one more IC and has a very fast I2C bus.
2023-12-08 Big My4TH firmware update: v1.4 of the ROM adds some nice features to My4TH (release notes). I also made a special ROM version for people who do not use the board with a Forth Deck. The "nfd" version of the ROM compiles and executes Forth code much faster, it has a faster I2C bus and a better text editor. Click to download it now.
2023-09-10 I have made a video about My4TH and the Forth Deck. In the video I describe how the My4TH computer works.
2023-07-28 I have updated the My4TH ROM to v1.3. ROM v1.2 still had bugs in the words EVALUATE and BLOAD.
2023-06-17 My4TH now supports floating point arithmetic. To use floating point numbers on My4TH, you need to update your ROM to v1.2 and copy the m4-float binary module to your EEPROM memory.
2023-05-27 Budgetronics now also offers a Forth Deck keyboard kit.
2023-05-23 The My4TH computer got a keyboard and a display. Built into a 3D printed case, I call the computer "Forth Deck".
2023-05-01 I have released the new ROM v1.1 for My4TH. I fixed a bug in the ROUT word that made it unusable in v1.0.
2023-04-12 The My4TH kits are available now! You can buy them at Budgetronics.
A kit costs 49.95 € and the EPROM included in the kit is of course pre-programmed.
2023-03-24 Today I proudly present my new hombrew computer, which I call My4TH. My4TH is the successor of MyNOR and is a Forth system. The implemented FORTH follows the Forth 2012 standard as closely as possible.

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