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2023-05-27 Budgetronics now also offers a Forth Deck keyboard kit.
2023-05-23 The My4TH computer got a keyboard and a display. Built into a 3D printed case, I call the computer "Forth Deck".
2023-05-01 I have released the new ROM v1.1 for My4TH. I fixed a bug in the ROUT word that made it unusable in v1.0.
2023-04-12 The My4TH kits are available now! You can buy them at Budgetronics.
A kit costs 49.95 € and the EPROM included in the kit is of course pre-programmed.
2023-03-24 Today I proudly present my new hombrew computer, which I call My4TH. My4TH is the successor of MyNOR and is a Forth system. The implemented FORTH follows the Forth 2012 standard as closely as possible.
2022-05-24 I have written a Forth system for MyNOR and TraNOR. Are you interested in a very old programming language?
Read more here: MyNOR Forth
2021-04-14 Hi all, I have finished my transistor version of MyNOR: TraNOR uses 2495 transistors!

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