My4TH Board

 KiCad design files:
 Gerber data for PCB order:
 Schematics as PDF file: schematics_my4th-sbc_v1.3.pdf
 My4TH construction manual: My4TH_Construction_Manual.pdf
 Description of the GPIO interface: My4TH-Interfaces.pdf
 My4TH Assembly Instruction Set: My4TH_Instruction-Set.pdf
 My4TH EPROM image files and source code:   (release notes)
 My4TH microcode for your reference:
 Forth word set extension modules:
 Forth glossary and reference: My4TH_Forth_Glossary.pdf
 Want to buy a kit?  Buy a My4TH kit from Budgetronics

Keyboard (Forth Deck mini)

 KiCad design files:
 Gerber data for PCB order:
 Schematics as PDF file: schematics_my4th-keyboard_v1.1.pdf
 Forth Deck construction manual: Forth_Deck_Construction_Manual.pdf
 Housing (STL files and FreeCad project): Forth_Deck_Housing_(FreeCad).zip
 Want to buy a kit?  Buy a keyboard kit from Budgetronics


 Readme: Data exchange between My4TH and a PC: My4TH_Data_Exchange.pdf
 Readme: The advanced functions of the my4th tool: my4th-Tool.pdf
 my4th transfer tool for Windows and Linux:
 myca cross assembler for MyNOR and My4TH:

This work (My4TH hardware and software) is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
    Creative Commons License