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How to configure Windows XP for SLIP

If you don't know what SLIP is, please read the Wikipedia Article first!

This is a step-by-step guide how to install a SLIP-connection on a Windows XP machine. I'm sorry that the dialogues are in german language, but I hope you can follow the pictures anyway.

Please start the "Assistant for new connections". You can find this assistant in two ways: First, right-click on the network-symbol on the desktop, choose properties, and in the following Window choose the assistant. Second, you can find the assistant by clicking on Start -> Settings -> Networking -> "Assistant for new connections".
When the assistant pops up, click on "Next".
Choose to create an advanced connection and click "Next".
Select "direct connection to other computer" and click "Next".
Select that your computer will be the guest and click "Next".
Enter a name for the new connection and click "Next".
Choose "communication between two computers by using COM1 (or COM2)" and click "Next".
Click on "Finish" to close the assistant.
This dialogue will appear immediately. Check "save password" but do not enter any. Then click on "Properties".
Verify this page. "Connection between two computers" must be selected. You may click on "configure" to verify the serial settings. You must choose 115200 Baud and hardware flow control. Usually you do not need to change anything. Click on the tab "Options".
Verify the options. Remove the check before "ask for name, password, etc". Click on the tab "Safety".
Verify this page. Usually you do not need to change anything. Click on the tab "Network".
Choose "SLIP: Unix-Connection". Uncheck the boxes for file and printer sharing and the Client for Microsoft Networks. Mark the line "Internetprotocol (TCP/IP)" and click on "Properties".
Enter a valid IP-Address on this page. This is the IP-Address that your PC will use to communicate with the MyCPU. Please choose a free IP address in the subnet 192.168.1.X. By default the MyCPU has the IP address assigned. The IP is usually the gateway. Now click on "Advanced".
Uncheck the boxes for use-as-standardgateway and IP-Header-Compression, and select a framesize of 1500 bytes. Then click "OK".

Note: You don't need to modify the settings on the tabs "DNS" and "WINS".
Now you get back to the connection property dialogue. Please select the tab "Advanced" and verify the settings. Then click on "OK".

You are ready now! If you have already started the networking-software on your MyCPU you will now be connected to the MyCPU via SLIP.

To open the SLIP connection to any time simply click on the "MyCPU"-symbol on your desktop.
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