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2022-05-24   I have written a Forth system for MyNOR and TraNOR. Are you interested in a very old programming language?
Read more here: MyNOR Forth
2021-04-14 Hi all, I have finished my transistor version of MyNOR: TraNOR uses 2495 transistors!
2021-02-12   BudgeTronics is now selling all the boards as kits, including the new VFD Board. An important note: I do not make any money with the kits. According to the CC License, anyone may assemble and sell kits.
2021-02-02 I have written a new game for MyNOR: Pac-Bam! is like Pac-Man on LCD.
2021-01-25 The LCD extension board kit is now also available at BudgeTronics.
2021-01-20   BudgeTronics is now selling the MyNOR base kit and the calculator extension kit.
The LCD extension kit will follow soon.
I have also released two new games for MyNOR with the LCD extension: A Breakout clone called Briksout and a kind of "master mind" game (thank you Joachim for your contribution!)
2021-01-08   I have made a new extension board for MyNOR: The VFD Board with a vacuum tube display. I have also updated the tools "mynor" and "myca", and I updated the ROM and the API specification to version 1.2.
2021-01-06 You will soon be able to buy MyNOR kits at BudgeTronics. Hopefully the kits will be available at the beginning of February 2021.
2020-12-26 Joachim found another bug. The api.hsm file shipped with the MyCA cross assembler is broken. Please update MyCA to the latest version 1.09c.
2020-12-21 Joachim Leßmann found a small mistake in the documentation and the schematics of MyNOR. The EEPROM had a wrong part number. It is a 64kB EEPROM with the correct part number 24LC512. If you bought the 32kB version 24LC256, make sure that you do not use the program memory locations 5 through 8 because this would overwrite the locations 1 through 4. Thanks Joachim for reporting this mistake!