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MyCPU Webserver

The MyCPU can be used as webserver. The software package that is available for download contains an ethernet driver for the 10Base-T interface and the required TCP/IP-Stack including a simple HTTP/1.0 server program.

The main part of this website (except file downloads) is served by a MyCPU system! But sometimes the side may be served by a backup server. The side you are viewing is served by MyCPU when this image is displayed at the main page (press "go back" to verify this):

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Some technical details about the Webserver:
  • MyCPU-System with 8 MHz clock frequency and 1MB RAM
  • The website is stored on a CompactFlash-Card
  • Other peripherials are: Interrupt Controller, Ethernet Board
  • The power consumption of this setup is approximately 5 Watt
  • The Server can handle up to 5 Webbrowser simultaneously
  • Maximum download speed is approximately 400 kBit/s
  • Internet Connection is done via a DSL line with 9 MBit/s upstream
  • The TCP/IP-Stack is uIP 1.0 and was compiled from C to asm "by hand"
  • The server software (TCP/IP, Ethernet driver, Webserver) fits into 20kb codespace
  • Dynamic website generation via CGI (server side modules) is supported
  • The server software seems to be very stable. The webserver crashes only one to two times within a year. In most cases the crash seems to be a result of electrical disturbance from outside (EMC pulses or conducted disturbances on the power supply side)
Click here to see some server statistics: Website Counters and System Information

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The picture shows the Webserver with the "Page Hit" - counter. The installed boards (from left to right) are:
CPU, Interrupt Controller, Memory with Extension, IDE Controller with CF-Card, Ethernet Card.

Click to see a Video of the MyCPU webserver in action.

Wednesday, 2009-03-18, was a day with very high web traffic. On that day my website was visited 1050 times, and my litte 8-bit webserver had to transmit 505 MB of data. The picture below shows the webserver 'in action', serving three connections at once.