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License Information

This work (MyNOR/TraNOR/My4TH hardware and software) is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License

The cross assembler "myca" is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.

If you download anything from this website you automatically accept the terms and conditions of the corresponding license.

MyNOR Board Design Files and Documentation

 MyNOR KiCad design files:
 MyNOR gerber data for PCB order:
 MyNOR schematics as PDF file: schematics_mynor-sbc_v1.5.pdf
 MyNOR construction manual: MyNOR_construction_manual.pdf
 Description of the MyNOR GPIO interface: MyNOR-Interfaces.pdf
 Detailed description of how MyNOR works: MyNOR-HowItWorks.pdf
 Description of the ADD instruction: The_MyNOR_ADD_Instruction.pdf
 How logic is implemented with only NOR gates: NOR-Logic.pdf
 MyNOR Assembly Instruction Set: MyNOR-Instruction-Set.pdf
 MyNOR Software API Documentation for ROM v1.0 to v1.3: Software-API-Documentation_v1.2.pdf
 MyNOR ROM v1.3 source code and EPROM image file: (2021-04-15, release-notes)
If you want to program MyNOR in Forth, you can download the MyNOR Forth-ROM v0.3 source code and EPROM image file. Since this Forth is no longer maintained, I strongly recommend using My4TH Forth for MyNOR instead.

LCD Board Design Files and Documentation

 LCD Board KiCad design files:
 LCD Board gerber data for PCB order:
 LCD Board schematics as PDF file: schematics_mynor-lcd_v1.2.pdf
 LCD Board construction manual: LCD-Board_construction_manual.pdf

Calculator Board Design Files and Documentation

 Calculator extension KiCad design files:
 Calculator extension Gerber data for PCB order:
 Calculator extension schematics as PDF file: schematics_mynor-calc_v1.2.pdf
 Calculator construction manual: Calculator_construction_manual.pdf

VFD Board (Vacuum Tube Display) Design Files and Documentation

 VFD board KiCad design files:
 VFD board gerber data for PCB order:
 VFD board schematics as PDF file: schematics_mynor-vfd_v1.1.pdf
 VFD board construction manual: VFD-Board_construction_manual.pdf

TraNOR Transistor Computer Design Files and Documentation

 Transistor logic description: TraNOR-Transistor-Logic.pdf
 TraNOR schematics (PDF): schematics-TraNOR-complete.pdf
 LCD board schematics (PDF): schematics-TraNOR-LcdBoard.pdf
 TraNOR and LCD board KiCad design files:


 myca cross assembler for MyCPU, MyNOR and My4TH:
 mynor swiss-knife tool: