www.mycpu.eu (C) 2020 by Dennis Kuschel 

This is the first working prototype of the MyCPU, version 1.0:


This is my current version of the MyCPU (version 2.2):

This is the MyCPU HTTP server that serves this website:

This MyCPU (version 2.1) was built by the company THTEC:

This is the "high end" MyCPU (version 2.2) that was built by the Computer Club 86:

This is Patrick's clone of MyCPU. Note the greetings from Hongkong on the right... :-)



Henk Verbeek sent me this pictures of his version of MyCPU:



Joachim Lessmann has sent me this picture of his MyCPU clone. Nice tower, isn't it?

Here are Luke Patrick Dunwell's pictures.
And this is his MyCPU homepage (hosted on his MyCPU or on a backup server).


People seem to like big towers. Here is the skyscraper from Robin Tönniges:

Please see also Robin's Register Monitor Board

If you have also built a clone of MyCPU, please send me your photos!