www.mycpu.eu (C) 2023 by Dennis Kuschel 

This is the first working prototype of the MyCPU, version 1.0:


This is my current version of the MyCPU (version 2.2):

This is the MyCPU HTTP server that serves this website:

This MyCPU (version 2.1) was built by the company THTEC:

This is the "high end" MyCPU (version 2.2) that was built by the Computer Club 86:

This is Patrick's clone of MyCPU. Note the greetings from Hongkong on the right... :-)



Henk Verbeek sent me this pictures of his version of MyCPU:



Joachim Lessmann has sent me this picture of his MyCPU clone. Nice tower, isn't it?

Here are Luke Patrick Dunwell's pictures:


People seem to like big towers. Here is the skyscraper from Robin Tönniges:

Please see also Robin's Register Monitor Board

If you have also built a clone of MyCPU, please send me your photos!